School Residencies

National Poetry Month this past April 2011 brought an amazing new opportunity for me, as I strive to create a freelance career as poet, organizer and teaching artist. I was invited to be “Poet in Residence” at Sarah Gibbons Middle School in Westboro Massachusetts. From March 28th to April 1st, I taught Poetry Writing Workshops for all three 8th Grade Teams. as well as visits to Special Ed Classes. We discussed metaphor, put our own together and wrote. There were one on one sessions for feedback on student poems and the week culminated in friday morning demonstration poetry slam presentations, starring fellow poets McKendy Fills Aime, Krista Mosca, Nicholas Earl Davis and current 2011 Worcester Youth Poetry Slam Team Member Eric Devenney. The students really took to writing and judging poetry slams. Poems were pasted on the walls of the school and high fives reverberated throughout the school days. I was honored to have been invited back for next year and will continue to develop spoken word curriculum for the class room. Students are really engaged by live performance poetry and I hope that this will be the first of many rewarding teaching experiences. Many thanks to Deb Lamothe, the staff and the Parent’s Association at Sarah Gibbons for giving me the opportunity.

Student Conferences in the Library seventh period.

Every 8th grade student got a chance for individual feedback on poems written in class (and even a few written outside – which always makes me smile)



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